Cursillo Movement

"The Cursillo Movement" is a movement of the Roman Catholic Church ministering worldwide and having the same apostolic purpose as the Church herself evangelization. The Cursillo, by means of its own method, makes it possible for Catholic people to live what is fundamental for being a Christian, and to live it in community. It helps people discover and fulfill their personal vocations ad it promotes the creation of core groups of Christians in all walks of life. They, in turn, leaven their environments with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, fulfilling their baptismal responsibility.

A "Cursillo de Cristiandad" does not simply "happen once"; it is "lived", as cursillistas say. It is an experience that begins a Thursday night with the "Cursillo" farewell and extends to Sunday, when a special closing ceremony takes place right after the 5:00PM mass. Many have described this experience as a "cruise for the soul" or "the best detergent for the soul." What is certain for all participants is that "Cursillo" allows them to discover or rediscover the love of Christ to share with their brothers and sisters.

Make a decision today to give three days to the Lord; He will in turn give back more than you can imagine. Many participants' testimonies say that "Cursillo is a miracle," and how could it not be if it is a gift from God? A gift to His children!

Movimiento de Cursillos de Cristiandad

Arquidiocesis de Miami

El movimiento de cursillos de cristiandad de la diocesis de miami te invita a la gran ultreya diocesana que realizaremos en la parroquia nuestra senora de guadalupe en el doral.

Cuando: El viernes 6 de Mayo desde las 6:40pm hasta las 9:40pm.

La santa misa se oficiara a las 7:00pm.

SegĂșn palabras del papa francisco: “hoy mas que nunca necesitamos de tu persona y tu testimonio en las ultreyas para seguir adelante mas alla en el anuncio y vivencia del kerigma”