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Welcome to Our Emmaus Group

"Walking next to Jesus changes everything in your life."

Lay, committed people, who hold a firm desire of serving the Lord, organize Emmaus retreats. Through their volunteer work during retreats, they announce the good news that Jesus Christ lives and walks amongst us.

Emmaus retreats are a place of refuge for people desiring to experience God alive in their lives. They are for men and women looking to renew and deepen their relationship with our Lord, and for those wanting to pause to evaluate their spiritual and personal growth.

Emmaus retreats are not silent retreats. Their platform is based on the scripture from the Gospel according to St. Luke, Chapter 24, verses 13-35, in which disciples of Jesus are headed to the town of Emmaus, near Jerusalem. While they were speaking, Jesus Himself joined them and began walking with them, but they did not recognize Him. Come night time, Jesus gave the impression that He was going on farther, but they urged Him that He join them for dinner. While they were seated, Jesus took the bread, and giving thanks to God, He broke it and gave it to His disciples. At that moment, their eyes were opened and they were able to recognize the resurrected Jesus.

The main objective of this special weekend is to give candidates (participants) the opportunity to reconcile with God by thoroughly reflecting on their lives. This goal is achieved through the sharing of personal testimonies from team members, especially those from selected speakers. When team members share their experiences, candidates can relate to them and through these shared experiences, they grow closer to God. Emmaus is a point of entry; it is a weekend long encounter with our Lord, where participants learn about God's infinite and unconditional love for all of us and of his abundant mercy.

Emmaus retreats help our church community to grow.