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The Music Ministry serves God and the parish community through their musical talents, by enhancing a deeper sense of worship and prayer to the liturgical celebration. These servers’ mission is to become living advocates of the Gospel through song.

Our Music Ministry consists of an exceptional group of musicians of various nationalities, with a high sense of commitment and dedication to the Lord.

Music plays, among the manifestations of the human spirit, a high function, unique and irreplaceable. When it is really beautiful and inspiring, talks, even more than all other arts, goodness, virtue, peace, of holy and divine things. And no wonder it was and always will be an essential part of the liturgy, as we can deduce from liturgical traditions of the Christian peoples of every continent. Blessed John Paul II, Pope - December 23, 1988

The Music Ministry welcomes all who are able and willing to share their voice or play a musical instrument to take part in this ministry.