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Prayer Request

Welcome to the Intercession and Prayer Group

Dear friend:

We are a group of dedicated volunteers of the Catholic Church Our Lady of Guadalupe in Doral, Florida United States, who believe in the power of prayer.

Jesus himself said: "...Whatever you ask in your prayers with faith shall obtain (Mt 21,22).

We are willing to unite as brothers to ask God for help and consolation for those who are suffering and is in need. We do for Love must triumph forever. This is an expression of love and brotherhood that we can work in the vineyard of the Lord. We are workers of the sentences in this large group of prayer and intercession of the Ministry of Intercession and Prayer of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Doral, we found our room, a dwelling Prayer is an unparalleled influence on the development of Christian life. Without the light of God, in fact, no man is saved. This makes the first steps and leads to the summit of perfection. So if you want to start having this Light of God, pray with us. Is an effective and accessible to all. In little time transforms the personality and elevates the ordinary life in a dialogue with God, making a conscious response of love.

The prayer of petition expresses a particular attitude of faith in our needs and prepares us to receive gifts for the coach. He wants the prayer exercise our desire, so that we become able to receive what He is willing to give. When the plea is made for the other is called intercession. God willing, in effect, that we love and pray for each other. Wants us to pray even for enemies and ask for the forgiveness of their sins. Prayer is communion with God and a conversation with him. Prayer keeps the balance of the world, reconciliation with God, a bridge over temptations, barrier between us and afflictions. Prayer is a source of virtue and enlightenment of the mind, is cutting ax despair is a sign of hope, victory over sadness.

Prayer feeds the soul: she is the soul and blood to the body, and is gateway to God. Also gives a clean heart and pure. A clean heart can see God, you can talk to God and can see the love of God in others. If you're looking for God and do not know where to start, learn to pray and is committed to doing so. Fill out your information and we will gladly pray for your intentions will welcome you with open arms, not wait for time.

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