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Our Lady Rosa Mystica Prayer Group

Our group meets every 13th of the month at 12:00 noon at the Parish Center, but we moved to Saturday 12th at 1:00 pm if it is Sunday 13th.

In 2009, we began meeting in homes to pray the Holy Rosary. Mrs. Ana Andrade was our group leader. Three years later, by grace of our Blessed Mother, Father Israel Mago granted permission to hold our prayer group meetings at the Parish Center.

In our monthly hourly prayer meeting, we begin reciting the Holy Rosary followed by the Chaplet of Our Lady's Tears and songs in honor of our Most Holy Mother.

Group activities:

  1. Pilgrim Virgin Statue Visitation mainly to the sick, to hospitals, nursing homes and family homes.
  2. We cooperate throughout the year with our parish social and religious activities.
  3. We encourage attendees to join the activities of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.
  4. Important dates:
    • July 13th The Feast of Our Lady Mary Mystical Rose.
    • October 13th The World League of Penitential Communion.
    • December 8th The Hour of Grace (noon to 1 pm).